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M3 for Office

ConverterTechnology’s M3 for Office is a set of tools that provide the industry’s most comprehensive support through the entire Office Migration Process. Built on 15 years of proven Office migration workflow success with large enterprises. M3 for Office comprises several solutions that allow businesses to align their migration projects with business operations and optimization goals. Click here to learn more.

M3 for Data Security

M3 for Data Security powered by FlowTraq is the only full-fidelity flow-based traffic analysis solution that scales to any network size. FlowTraq learns and understands the changing patterns of behavior in your network. When any system, mobile gadget, or server starts behaving outside the normally expected patterns. Catch unknown attacks, botnet control channels, new viruses, and stop unwanted data exfiltrations in their tracks. Click here to learn more.

M3 for Access

M3 for Access™ provides the industry’s most comprehensive support for Access to SQL migrations – from planning through production and post-migration.

There are close to half a billion Microsoft Access databases currently in use world-wide. From its launch in the early 1990’s, Microsoft Access has been an outstanding tool for solving immediate business needs or where the business needs did not justify professional development. As a consequence, most Microsoft Access databases were created by beginners or power users who had limited experience or knowledge creating professional applications.

These applications were built over time with new features and data models added as needed, with little consideration for performance or scalability. With many becoming business critical they are typically poorly designed, complex to support, difficult to develop further, do not reliably support more than a few concurrent users, and place a great burden on network infrastructures.

The evolution of these databases into important or business critical applications justifies additional investment to migrate them to Microsoft SQL Server. Rewriting the system is a high-risk, expensive, and time-consuming undertaking. M3 for Access uses unsurpassed levels of automation allowing for the conversion and migration of Access databases yielding excellent cost/benefit returns. Click here to learn more.

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